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5 Tips for Moving Long Distance

Maybe a job, school, or family is taking you a long way from where you currently reside. If this is you, consider following some of these tips to ensure a smooth move.

1. Decide What To Take

When you start packing your belongings, it is important to remember what is worth taking to the new place and what’s not. Some items are cheaper to replace than they are to move. You might want to sell your appliances and furniture before you head out. This can save room in boxes and in the moving truck. Less is more, as the minimalist would say!

2. Color Code Boxes

Color coding moving boxes will help you know what items are where. You might consider labeling all of your kitchen items yellow and your bathroom items blue. This system also makes it easier for when you arrive to know which boxes go where in the house. To make labeling even easier, use colored stickers instead of writing on the box.

3. Hire a Moving Company

Long distance movers in St Louis MO are very helpful in getting your items to the next desired location. This way you do not have to do all of the heavy lifting yourself. Another perk is that you can drive your own car, stop as much as you need and not have to worry about driving the big moving truck and shipping your cars.

4. Sell or Donate Unwanted Items

Instead of taking all of your belongings to your new house, go through everything you own before you move. If there are items you want to get rid of or no longer use, or if you have things that would be cheaper to buy again, you can sell or donate them. Offer whatever you don’t want to friends and family nearby or take them to the local donation center.

5. Keep Necessary Items Close

When you are packing, set aside items you might need while you are in the process of moving. Things to keep close would be important documents, clothes for the duration of your move, toiletries and medications. It is better to keep them close while packing instead of having to dig for them later on.

Long distance moving can be overwhelming, but these simple tips can help ease the load. Remember that it all will work out in the end and do not be afraid to ask people for help. Many people are willing to help pack, move and unpack.


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