Tips for Hiring a Commercial Electrician

Commercial electrical installation may seem as if it is the same as residential electrical installation, just on a larger scale, but these processes are significantly different. Therefore, if you are searching for “commercial electrical installation Philadelphia,” consider the following tips.

Identify Your Needs

Because of the power load required, your commercial electrician will need to know about the machinery and equipment you will be installing in your building. In addition, you will need to know the voltages and locations where you want each piece of machinery or equipment plugged in. Your lighting, computer network cables and phone lines and their locations will also need to be listed.


If you know a business owner who has had electrical work done, you can ask for referrals, but if not, contact the local chamber of commerce for a list of local contractors. Then, you may contact your local electricians’ union if available. You may also consider contacting the Better Business Bureau to identify the contractors’ ratings and outstanding complaints.

Contact Prospects

When you contact prospective electricians, you need to ask about their licensing and insurance. Not only does the company owner need to be licensed and properly educated, but so do those who will be working on your building’s electricity. Ensure that everyone has completed a 4-year apprenticeship program and is fully licensed. In addition, ask about the company’s liability and workers’ compensation insurance and whether the individual electricians who work with the company are insured. Be sure to verify these and make copies for your records.

Pay attention to the questions you are asked about the job. Ask about their warrantees. You should discuss their emergency services, availability and scope of services they offer. Ask about the company and its electricians’ experience.

Check Their References

Ask for references, and ask these references about the company’s dependability and consistency. Does the electrician show attention to detail? Is the person professional? Does the company appear to value customer service? How do the company representatives communicate with you?


Your prospective contractors need to walk through your facility and review your electrical requirements. Then, they should provide you with a detailed plan and quote. Although you don’t want to select an electrician based on price alone, you should compare the quotes and plans of each electrician. Look for a contractor who is detail oriented and fully understands your needs. Ask about their needs and how they will complete the job. Discuss the permitting process and when the contractors can complete the work.

If you need a commercial electrician, choose a reputable company that specializes in commercial electrical installation.

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