Housing Options: Where Should I Live?


Renting is a good short-term alternative if you’re not quite ready to buy. Landlords, like Steven Taylor landlord, handle issues with your building and make sure things are in code and running smoothly. For many people, this type of maintenance-free living is ideal.

Manufactured Homes

If you’re imagining something from Deliverance when you think of a manufactured home, wipe that image from your mind. Manufactured homes today are not what they used to be and are made with better, more durable materials. The end result is a manufactured home that looks less like a trailer and more like a house. If you have a limited budget, a mobile or modular home is an affordable alternative. While there is no shortage of mobile homes available on the market, you can also have one built to your specifications.

Tiny Houses

A hot trend among millennials especially is the tiny house movement. These pint-sized houses are custom-built per each owner’s specs and have a hitch on the back of them so that they can be moved wherever and whenever the owner chooses. If you have a large family this might not be the ideal choice for you, especially since storage space is at a premium in tiny houses.

Land or Property

If you’re seeing nothing on the market that is speaking to you, consider having a house built on a plot of land. This is a great option if you’re wanting to start completely from scratch, but know that cultivating virgin terrain is a hefty job and an even heftier expense. If you have the funds to clear land, buy materials, tap into plumbing and build your own house then purchasing a plot of land might be your best bet.

Duplex or Shared Space

If you like the community aspect of living in an apartment but hate renting, have you considered buying a duplex or condo? There are HOA fees, rules and stipulations, but at the end of the day, you own a piece of property. It might be part of a complex, but it is yours. Best of all, most communities take care of things like gardening and landscaping, so you have less responsibility than you would if you owned a house.

No matter where you live, home is what you make it. Deciding where to live is only the first step when you’re looking for the home of your dreams.

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