4 Quick Home Tips for Better Health

Getting healthier at home doesn’t have to involve enormous changes to the way you live or sweeping dietary changes. Often small, incremental changes to your lifestyle and your home environment will have a big impact on your health and wellbeing. Here are a few small changes you can make to your home environment that can contribute to better health.

Create As-You-Live Exercise Options

Getting moving and adding a bit of exercise to your life is undisputed when it comes to benefits for your health. If you’re the kind of person who hates exercise, and just can’t see yourself in a gym or following a running regime, then you need to create other options for yourself. The answer might be getting a treadmill or a stationary bike that you can put in view of the TV for use during an episode of your guilty pleasure TV show, or it might be a 10 minute exercise program that you quickly work through before your morning coffee.

Install a Water Filter

The water coming out of your kitchen faucet is usually very pure and well treated for drinking and use around the home. It’s true, however, that water contaminants can be very detrimental to your health, but there’s a quick and easy fix. Contaminants like E. Coli in drinking water can be killed and the water made absolutely safe every time you turn on the faucet by installing a water filter.

Sleep Better Not Just Longer

The science of better sleep is also largely undisputed, and the tips on how to get better sleep are everywhere. The quick and easy wins are to better control the temperature and light levels in your bedroom with air conditioning and blackout curtains, but there is more you can do. Take the TV out of your bedroom to stop yourself watching it right before bed and plug your phone in to charge out of arms reach, so you leave it alone until morning.

Make a List Before You Shop

This one is simple. Don’t go near a grocery store without a shopping list. While the process of creating a list might sound tedious at first, a pad and pencil on the refrigerator might be all you need. This way you can note down when you use the last of something and have a shopping list ready to go without needing to spend time writing one. Having that list means you’re less likely to buy things on impulse, and your grocery shopping will be more structured. Another good tip is to never go shopping when you’re hungry – you’re more likely to throw some unhealthy snacks into your shopping if you are!

As you can see, these tips and changes don’t need to take the form of a complete lifestyle revolution.  They don’t even need to take any more of your time and instead can be things that you can do that fit perfectly into your currently life without having to change too much at all. This means they’re more likely to stick and become a part of how you live.

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